Effects of Long-term Alcoholism

Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is a disease that can keep someone in its grasp for years without them knowing what to do. The disease of addiction causes a person to suffer from a mental obsession and physical craving that causes them to lose the power of choice when it comes to drinking. Their alcohol abuse and dependence makes it difficult for them to even attempt to moderate their drinking.

Long-term alcoholism causes the body to build up a dependence where it will begin to show signs of withdrawal once the substance is absent for extended periods of time. A person's use of alcohol will eventually be the only way that they are able to feel mentally and physically well. Symptoms of withdrawal can include body tremors, nausea, fatigue and sometimes even seizures. These symptoms might be enough to keep a person from attempting to stop their drinking due to how uncomfortable the experience can be.

Recovery Treatment

Baltimore Alcohol Treatment Centers, have staff of addiction specialists who are there to make the detoxification process as safe and comfortable as possible. Each client will first go through a medical evaluation to see exactly what the effects of long-term alcoholism have been on the body. Then plan a detox process that will be medically supervised to help clients lose their dependence from alcoholism and begin substance abuse rehabilitation.

The first step toward recovery from addiction is acknowledging that your life has become unmanageable and that you are unable to control your drinking. This is sometimes a difficult realization to come to, but through treatment for alcoholism, our clients will learn more about the disease of addiction and be able to build a healthy foundation of recovery before leaving our treatment center.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from alcoholism but have also found a way to live a healthy and happy life in sobriety through programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, one of the most successful methods of relapse prevention since the 1940s. AA is simply a fellowship of men and women who share their experiences, strength and hope with one another to solve their common problem with alcoholism.


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