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News Media Calls Baltimore the Heroin Capital – Baltimore Drug Rehab Is the Solution

National news outlets often release stories related to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency's report that Baltimore is a major hub for heroin distribution in the United States. Since there is so much heroin on the streets, there are more addicts in the city than in other major metropolitan areas. While local, state, and federal drug officials work to end the trafficking of heroin and other illegal drugs, Drug Rehab Baltimore offers help finding holistic addiction recovery solutions for people with heroin addiction and other substance abuse problem.

Break the Grip of Heroin and Cocaine Addiction

Heroin and cocaine are the two most physically addicting drugs on the street. All it takes for a person to become physically dependent on heroin or cocaine is one hit of the drug. When an individual uses these drugs, their body chemistry changes so it needs the drug in a similar fashion that the body needs oxygen to survive. While you run the risk of physical dependency with alcohol and other drugs, the physical cravings associated with cocaine and heroin are much stronger than with other drugs. Successful and safe addiction recovery requires the professional interventions and services provided by centers in Baltimore.

Baltimore Drug Treatment Program  Addiction Recovery Services

When you contact a Drug Treatment Center Baltimore, a professional substance abuse rehabilitation specialist will explore every aspect of your addiction while conducting a biopsychosocial assessment. The purpose of the evaluation is not only to identify potential challenges you face in recovery from addiction, but also to pinpoint your strengths you can use to overcome any obstacles to maintaining sobriety.

Baltimore Drug Rehab services will guide you to a rehab where you and their team will develop a treatment plan that includes a mix of these:

  • Physician supervised drug detox treatment
  • Individual and group drug rehabilitation counseling
  • Options for Christian and other faith based addiction recovery approaches
  • Integrated drug treatment and mental health services for dual diagnosis patients
  • Alternative and complementary drug treatment interventions
  • Twelve step programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous

These holistic drug treatment services give you the tools you need to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

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