Detoxification in Baltimore

The abuse of prescription medication is one of the most prevalent addictions in today's society. These medications are prescribed by doctors to help people who have mental health issues or have chronic pain, and they can be extremely helpful. These medications have an adverse effect on those who suffer from the disease of addiction, and they are unable to control and moderate their use of these drugs. Prescription medication overdoses are more common than with any other drug because they depress the central nervous system and can cause shallow breathing.

After long-term prescription drug addiction, the body builds a chemical dependence on the medication and will experience withdrawal symptoms when it has been absent from the body for an extended period of time. These symptoms can sometimes be very painful. When the individual is suffering from a legitimate mental illness or injury they believe can only be treated with these medications, it is even more difficult to recover.

Baltimore Drug Treatment Centers connects you with rehabs that use the latest medicine for detox to help clients through the process. Suboxone and other medications were specifically designed to treat opioid addiction without the risk of being addictive. These types of medications will help the body lose its dependence on drugs gradually so that the person does not experience all of the withdrawal symptoms from.

Relapse Prevention

Addiction is a baffling disease that alters a person's mind, making it difficult for them to distinguish what is true and what is not. When they are addicted to a drug, they believe that they are unable to feel well or normal without continuing to use.

It is even harder to try staying sober when you are mentally or physically uncomfortable without the use of drugs. Addiction treatment centers offer clients alternatives to the medications that have been the source of their problems for far too long and will educate clients about non-narcotic medications that can be safely used to treat their symptoms of pain, anxiety or depression. Please call us today for more information and help with finding a treatment facility at (443) 703-1613.

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