What is the Process for Alcohol Detox?

Alcoholism and Alcohol Detox 101: What is the Process for Alcohol Detox?

No matter how much a person enjoys having a drink, whether it's a glass of wine with dinner or beers with friends while they're watching the big game, it is no one's goal to become addicted to alcohol. The traditional definition of alcoholism is divided into two parts: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Abuse almost always precedes dependence and can be very damaging to a person's life in many ways well before they are addicted to alcohol.

The fact that it takes a long time to become addicted to alcohol can often work against a person's success in recovery. That is why when people first inquire about alcohol rehab, either for themselves or a loved one, and ask, "What is the process for alcohol rehab?" the answer differs than that given to people involved with drugs like heroin or cocaine.

Similar to other drugs, the alcohol detox timeline can still vary greatly for individuals depending on how long they have been dependent, how long they have been drinking in general, and their overall health, both physical and mental. The words, "alcohol detox hospital admission" may seem ominous, but they can often announce the first step on the road to recovery.

What is the Process for Alcohol Detox?

The process for alcohol detox begins with a person choosing not to drink and beginning the alcohol withdrawal process. An alcohol detox hospital admission allows specially trained medical personnel to monitor an alcoholic's reaction to the sudden lack of alcohol in their system. It is very important to note that detox should never be attempted at home.

Someone addicted to any drug should be in a medically monitored detox program when they want to start their recovery but for alcoholics it is especially true due to the ease with which they could acquire more alcohol even if they had cleaned everything out of their house. Drinking again after beginning detox on your own can lead to binge drinking and severe medical problems, directly or indirectly related to a large intake of alcohol.

Once a person does begin the detox process after their alcohol detox hospital admission they will be fully assessed by the medical staff and have any ancillary health issues addressed as well. A high-quality program does not focus on just the person's addiction, but establishing a new baseline for their overall health. Once the detox specialists know how the patient is reacting, they can administer medications that will help them with their withdrawal symptoms.

Entering Rehab and Beginning the Alcohol Detox Process

Much like beginning any new habit, or breaking a bad one, admitting there is a problem and committing to making a change can be the most important step. Even if a person has setbacks anywhere along the way, getting help starting with alcohol detox is vitally important, improving the chances of being successful in recovery. Has anyone ever stopped drinking on their own and continued to be sober over the long-term? Of course.

However, many experts believe that in the end the vast majority of people addicted to alcohol will either get help or continue drink if they do not attend some form of rehab program. Finding the right treatment program for you or your loved one that can answer your questions, starting with what is the process for alcohol detox, is the first step in the right direction. Individual care and choosing an alcohol detox process, rehabilitation setting, and types counseling that fit you and your relationship with addiction is paramount to have a long-lasting recovery so start your search today.

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