Prescription Drug Addiction in Baltimore

Many people who enter Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Baltimore did not originally start taking painkillers, anti-anxiety and sleep medications, or stimulants to get high or escape from stress in their lives. Often doctors prescribe these drugs to treat a specific medical condition and the person slowly needs more of the drug as they develop tolerance. Eventually, they become physically addicted to the medication, as well as psychologically. Once they have developed physical dependence on the drug, they need to go through a drug detoxification program followed by treatment for prescription drug addiction in Baltimore.

Teens and Young Adults Run the Highest Risk of Baltimore Prescription Drug Addiction

Many teenagers often raid their parent's medicine cabinets for prescription medications that offer a high to avoid the stigma and risks associated with to a drug dealer. While taking medications that are not prescribed for you is illegal, taking prescription drugs does not carry the same social stigma as using street drugs like heroin or crack. What many adolescents do not realize is that the legal consequences of taking prescription drugs illegally are similar to that of street drugs and prescription drugs are just as addictive. When a teen cannot go without the taking the medication without experiencing the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal, they need to receive treatment for prescription drug addiction in Baltimore.

A recent trend among college students is to "borrow" the medications their friends are prescribed for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. They like that these prescription drugs help them stay awake and focused during late nights of study. Unfortunately, these students soon develop an addiction to the medication, so they do whatever it takes to get the drugs. Often this leads to serious legal problem, or in some cases, the student unknowingly takes an overdose of the medication. Avoid these consequences of addiction to prescription medications, and call Alcohol Treatment Centers Baltimore at (877) 804-1531 for help finding a treatment facility.

Know the Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Some common behavioral signs someone might be abusing prescription medications include:

  • Stealing or counterfeiting prescription pads and forging doctor's order for medication
  • Take more than the prescribed dose of a medication
  • Experiences mood swings and angry outburst when the medication is not available
  • Going to different doctors to get multiple prescriptions for the same medication
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