Medically Assisted Detox Facilities in Baltimore, MD

The 41 drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities for medical detox in Baltimore, MD, or elsewhere across the country, are dedicated to helping patients overcome their substance abuse. Getting over an addiction is difficult, especially when patients decide to go cold turkey. If you live in the neighborhood of 21297, there is addiction help available now.

Medical detox is designed to wean the patient off of the substance of abuse, whether it is illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol. This takes place in a controlled, safe environment where the patient will be monitored throughout the procedure which can last anywhere from three days to seven days. After the patient has met with an addiction advisor for a patient assessment, they will know more about what sort of treatment is best suited.

Medical detox is aimed at mitigating the side effects of withdrawal for the patient. By mitigating the cravings, patients will be more likely to carry on in treatment. Medical detox in Baltimore, MD, as well as those across the nation, can help create a solid foundation for a successful recovery.

Patients will be working with professional addiction counselors and advisors throughout their journey toward recovery. By having consistent guidance and direction, patients will be able to stay focused on their treatment program. Long-term abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse is attainable but it requires the assistance of medical detox in order to overcome.

Addiction will not dissipate on its own. Rather, it will continue to get worse until it takes your life. This is the harsh reality of the disease that is addiction. Medical detox in Baltimore, MD, or another city, is the first and most important stage in the treatment process.

It's time to begin living the best life possible and this starts with attending addiction treatment. Through medical and psychotherapy programs, patients will gradually begin how to live a life that is free of substance abuse. Typically speaking, treatment can last anywhere between 30-days and up to 90-days depending on the addiction at hand. Whether a patient needs inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, there is an addiction center out there that can help.

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