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A teenager who has a substance abuse problem faces different challenges to their recovery than a person in their 60s struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The teenager needs to learn how to deal with the pressure from peers to drink or use drugs, while the senior citizen faces the challenge of breaking through isolation in order to prevent relapse. Drug & Alcohol Rehabs Baltimore recognize the different challenges people face when overcoming addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs are tailored to meet the needs of adolescents, working age adults, and the elderly.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Service Baltimore MD Prepare Teens for a Sober Life

Peer pressure is not the only threat to sobriety that teenagers face. Often adolescents with substance abuse problems have fallen behind in school or they might have dropped out or been expelled from school. Additionally, the only friends teenage addicts may have might be still actively using drugs or alcohol. Since adolescence is the time when people establish their identities and self-concepts, teenagers often cannot see themselves living a life of recovery and sobriety.

To address the special needs of adolescents with substance abuse issues, Baltimore Drug Treatment Programs will offer assistance finding rehabs with access to remedial education services, career planning, and social development training. They work with teens to develop a positive self-concept and challenge them to envision and embrace all that it means to live a sober life. In other words, they replace the nightmare of teenage addiction with dreams, aspirations, and goals for the new life created when the teen achieves and maintains sobriety. To learn more about Drug and Alcohol Rehab Baltimore services for teens, and treatment facility options, call (443) 703-1613.

Baltimore Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs for Senior Citizens

Often, older adults start drinking or abusing prescription medications to ease the pain of loneliness. Other senior citizens have struggled to maintain sobriety for years and alienated their families and friends when they actively used drugs or alcohol. At Drug/Alcohol Rehabs in Baltimore, they offer special drug and alcohol treatment programs for senior citizens include interventions to break through the social isolation experienced by older adults. They help heal relationships with families and friends of the addict while providing them with opportunities to form new connections and support systems within a caring and compassionate community of recovery. During aftercare planning, they ensure the older adults have positive social connections in the community. If you are an older adult struggling with addiction, call our hotline at (443) 703-1613 to speak to someone about treatment facilities that meet your needs.

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