Drug Abuse Prevention in Baltimore

Sometimes the roots of addiction are set before a person is even born, as research shows that some people are genetically predisposed to becoming addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. While a person's genes might mean increasing the risk of physical dependence on drugs, heredity is not necessarily destiny. One of the addiction risk reduction strategies recommended by drug addiction prevention specialists is that families talk openly about their experiences with drugs and alcohol.

By establishing open lines of communication early, children and teens in families where substance abuse seems to occur in each generation learn they are at higher risk than their peers are to develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol. When teens know that they are at risk of drug addiction, this fact serves as a deterrent to drug experimentation for most teens. Even if your family does not have a history of substance abuse, constructive and open communication between parents and children is one of the most effective strategies for Baltimore families.

Create a Sense of Belonging with Baltimore Drug Abuse Prevention Services

When teens and adults are socially isolated, they often turn to alcohol or drugs to ease the pain of loneliness. Adolescent who do not think they "fit" with the "in" crowd, have experienced bullying, or are not able to go with their friends on outings do not develop a sense of belonging that acts as a preventive measure against substance abuse. Additionally, when children and teens do not have a bond with their families, they are much more likely to join gangs where drug use is not only accepted but also expected. Some of the programs to help teens develop a sense of belonging including positive peer mentoring, afterschool programs and social events, and family cohesion building groups. To learn more about Drug Abuse Prevention Services for Baltimore MD teens and their families, call (443) 703-1613.

When adults have trouble with their spouse or lose their job, they often feel as they no longer belong to a long time source of social support. Senior citizens whose spouses and friends die and children live in distant cities often find themselves alone most of the time. To provide an alternative to drugs and alcohol during these difficult times Drug Abuse Prevention Services for Baltimore, Maryland adults include various support groups for those going through separation or divorce, as well as for the unemployed.

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