Baltimore Substance Abuse Rehab

Drugs and alcohol are voluntary choices in the beginning for most users, but it doesn't take long for substance abuse to become an addiction requiring rehab. Rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process and for most, it's where it all begins. Addictions are complex illnesses that have several things in common, starting with an intense and sometimes uncontrollable craving for the substance being abused. This need demands fulfillment, but through Baltimore substance abuse rehab, addictions can be ended.

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Symptoms of Abuse

Symptoms of substance abuse include withdrawal from normal life and pursuits in favor of drug use, which leads to a secretive lifestyle. The withdrawn addict will become aggressive or irritable if asked about the observed changes or confronted with rehab by concerned family or loved ones. As the addiction becomes worse and more financially costly, the abuser often begins to commit crimes in order to bankroll the substance abuse. Signs of depression and anxiety are seen throughout as the person comes to terms with their addiction and begins to worry about arrest, lost family ties, etc. Most drug abusers will begin to show signs of ill health, especially with hard drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and the like.

Substance Abuse Treatment

There are many types of rehab to treat different substances being abused. Of those, the toughest to treat are alcohol and tobacco addictions as many users with a problem will not seek out substance abuse rehab for them. This is because socially, we consider alcohol and tobacco use to be acceptable and even normal. While most acknowledge that addiction is possible, most also assume that quitting is just a matter of willpower and desire and is not otherwise difficult. This is largely untrue and those who seek help with substance abuse rehab for alcohol or tobacco statistically have better outcomes than those who do not.

With harder drugs, whether illicit or prescription, the idea of substance abuse rehab is more accepted socially. These programs also greatly increase the chances of long-term sobriety for their participants.

Recovery is possible. You can visit your local Alcoholics Anonymous ( for more support.

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